Part 1: Three Atlases of the Brain in the Head
1.1 Materials and Methods 1
1.2 Horizontal Atlas 7
1.3 Coronal Atlas 41
1.4 Sagittal Atlas 69
Part 2: Myelo- and Cytoarchitectonic Atlas of the Human Brain in Stereotaxic (MNI) Space 85
2.1 Materials and Methods 86
2.2 Surface Views 95
2.3 Plates, Figures and Diagrams 101
2.4 Diagrams with Reduced Detail 400
2.5 Maps of Subcortical Areas 416
2.6 Published Studies Referring to the Brain Represented in the Myelo- and Cytoarchitectonic Atlas of the Brain in Stereotaxic (MNI) Space 433
Index 440
List of Structures 440
List of Abbreviations 445
Surface anatomy with sulci and gyri indicated
3D Views of the Human Brain

The pattern of the cortex by gyri and sulci is easily recognized by color coding that is maintained throughout the Atlas.